On Dec. 18 at 10: 30 a.m., we will celebrate our annual Winter Fest, which will be made extra special this year by the official opening of the boardwalk. This project has been supported by IOBY, Livable Memphis, Burr & Cole Consulting Engineers, Lowe’s and countless MMS parents, and we are finally ready to reveal it to the community!


It’s been 30 years in the making, but the MMS Wolf River Harbor Boardwalk has finally come together piece by piece over this past year. We are incredibly grateful to the many families and community organizations that have donated time and funding to make this boardwalk a reality.


This boardwalk is a wonderful gift to both MMS students, as well as Harbor Town residents and visitors. For MMS, this environment will serve as an ecology classroom and outdoor art display. Alongside many hours of labor and generous donations, students and families of MMS created mosaic tiles that adorn the length of the boardwalk, each housing a unique personality of the student or family that created it.


Playback Memphis will also make an appearance at Winter Fest. Actors from Playback Memphis, a theater troupe dedicated to bringing passion and love for Memphis to the community, will be performing an interactive story of MMS’ 30-year history at the Winter Fest event with participation from both students and parents.


This will also be the first time that MMS students and parents are able to view the planted monarch butterfly waystation. Considered the second phase of the boardwalk project, the waystation located on the terraces will be used to encourage successful migration of the monarch butterfly species, which is slowly becoming extinct. Work on the waystation will continue through the spring until it sees its first visit from monarch butterflies on their journey back up north.


We are thrilled to be able to celebrate these exciting additions to our school with everyone on Friday. Please dress warm if it’s chilly or bring an umbrella if it’s wet because we plan to celebrate this special day rain or shine. Call us if you have any questions!