Dr. Maria Montessori once said, “In every child is the seed that will mature into an adult.” Montessori schools’ unique approach to education benefits students by preparing them for life beyond the classroom. Studies show students reap long-term benefits from Montessori education and classroom experience. Below are some of the important lessons MMS teaches in order to prepare students for adult life.

Life skills

Instead of focusing on tests, grades and memorization, students learn life skills along with foundational knowledge through hands-on activities. Students learn lessons for life, including organizational skills, cleaning and even gardening. At MMS, we offer unique subjects not typically found in a “traditional” classroom. For example, students interested in cooking or pottery can take additional classes during our after-school enrichment program. 


Montessori education guides students to choose what they want to learn by giving them autonomy over their learning experience. One of Dr. Montessori’s principles is that children are driven by their own natural curiosity, which fosters their independence. Students are encouraged by their guides to explore their environment independently. This sense of independence helps students learn to not only think for themselves but also to become better problem solvers. 

Interactions with others 

The ability to build relationships with peers is a crucial skill for everyone to have. Connecting with people of different backgrounds is important, so students are exposed to different languages early on in their Montessori educational journey. Students at MMS are given the chance to participate in an after-school enrichment Spanish class, and sign language is weaved into students’ education early on. These enhancements provide opportunities for students to connect with a wide array of cultures. Additionally, students form connections with those older and younger than them in mixed-age environments, which sets them up for a more seamless transition into their careers post-graduation. 

Montessori education is special because it intertwines traditional education and important life skills. Preparing for life outside of the classroom is one of the most important lessons a student can learn. By learning how to live independently and connect and coexist with people of all backgrounds, Montessori students are prepared for life.

If you are interested in learning more about the Maria Montessori School, please contact mms1986@bellsouth.net.