At Maria Montessori School, students begin learning in the Toddler Community at 18 months old and continue to the Middle School Environment as teenagers. Because of the differences between Montessori and traditional high schools, we’re often asked about the transition from our Middle School environment to a traditional high school classroom. Some people believe it to be a difficult change, but you might be surprised by the preparedness of our students to venture into a typical high school classroom. Here are a few ways our students measure up for schooling beyond MMS and the Montessori Method.


A study by Solange Denevaud showed that Montessori students have more creativity, which leads to better academic performance. In Montessori environments, students are given the freedom to explore their interests and develop their own lessons inspired by their curiosity. This eagerness to learn shows up in the more advanced topics high schools cover. Montessori students are also encouraged to think critically and ask questions, a crucial tool when entering high school. They also statistically perform better on tests.

Testing culture

A common concern of parents is how students who grew up in a Montessori school will perform on standardized tests. Traditional schools are often criticized for “teaching toward a test” rather than teaching students engaging lessons to grasp concepts and ideas. It may surprise parents to know that Montessori students perform higher on standardized tests compared to those who attended traditional schools. This study showed that Montessori students performed significantly higher in English Language Arts or its equivalent (like reading) every year, and in math two of the study’s three years. Even though they do not experience standardized testing at our school, the lessons they learn help them succeed at testing.

Confidence in the classroom

The Montessori Method instills a confidence in children that follows them throughout their life. Through exploration of the Montessori environment, students develop a love of learning. Students are better equipped to present to their class, speak up and ask thoughtful questions. They aren’t burnt out from sitting at a desk and studying from a textbook like other students may be. Their motivation to learn shines in how they interact with the traditional classroom.

At MMS, we recognize students (and parents) may feel apprehensive about the transition to a traditional high school. Our guides and staff work diligently to ensure each student is prepared for the next step in not only their education, but in their future itself. Click here to learn more about our school.