The guiding principle of Montessori education is independence, and it’s rooted in almost everything we do at MMS. Each activity, lesson and tool is designed with the purpose of children discovering the world for themselves. The Four Planes of Development, the foundation of Montessori philosophy, are intertwined with independence. From birth to the age of 24, humans are on a path toward independence in different aspects of their lives. Our job is to nurture our students to become free thinkers.

Physical development

The first Plane of Development follows children from birth to age six. The early years of life are dedicated to developing an independent personality and nurturing the Absorbent Mind. When children are 18 months old, they are welcomed into our toddler community. All activities within our toddler environment are dedicated to respecting each child’s individuality. Throughout their time in this environment, students learn how to work on their own in a supportive setting. When students turn three, they may enter our primary environment, where lessons of self sufficiency deepen.

Mental development

From the age of seven to 12, children begin to dive deeper into their personalities and forming mental independence. Throughout our elementary program, students begin to separate themselves from their parents or guardians and develop into their own unique self. Guides work with their students to garner an interest in the world around them and to learn as much as they can. Students look to themselves to uncover their own “big ideas” and start finding their place in the world.

Social development

Adolescence is a time of great change – physically, emotionally and mentally. The middle school environment is where teenagers begin to develop social independence. The motto closely associated with this environment is “help me think for myself.” These students rely on their peers more than before, but are also dedicated to finding their own voice and sense of self. We encourage them to take time for self reflection to build a strong foundation of self sufficiency.

Spiritual development

Dr. Montessori believed development doesn’t stop at the age of 18. Between 18 and 24, adults become more independent in their spiritual and moral beliefs. Young adults begin to develop questions of their place in society and how to better the world around them by using their sense of independence. Throughout the school years spent at MMS, students build a secure foundation of freedom. Our hope is they take these lessons and leave the world a better place.

At MMS, we support our students’ independence in their environments and also into adulthood. It’s just one of the important core values we teach. If you’re interested in learning more about our methods, contact us today!