Movement is one of the main pillars of Montessori philosophy. In The Absorbent Mind, Dr. Montessori relayed the connection between movement and intellectual development in children. Thanks to her studies, Montessori schools across the globe utilize her teachings to best learn in ways that suit their own needs. By encouraging students to move independently throughout the environment, they become problem solvers, critical thinkers and curious about the world around them.

Experiential learning

In traditional schools, students are only given a short period of time – often physical education classes or recess – to get out of their desks and move around. However, research shows children of all ages struggle to remain still for long periods of time. Dr. Montessori recognized this challenge, which led her to study how children can learn through movement. This research shaped the way Montessori classrooms are designed today, with furniture tailored to the students and hands-on toys and materials waiting to be discovered.

Building confidence and self esteem

When students are confined to a desk, their natural inclination to explore is limited. In Montessori schools, children are able to follow their inhibitions and make independent decisions regarding their learning experience for the day. Dr. Montessori believed allowing children to freely move about the learning environment improved confidence and concentration, and encouraged self discovery.

Growth and development

Not only is movement necessary for children, it is essential to their growth and development. Movement helps children with their coordination, sensory learning and improves motor skills. In fact, studies show movement helps children with their memory, perception, language, attention, emotion and decision making skills. These are all reasons Montessori schools embrace the student’s need for movement and encourage them to engage with their environments.

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