Parents and family are just as much a part of our community as students, teachers and staff.

Parents are encouraged to observe classroom activities when appropriate, and parents are regularly invited to various activities at the school, both during regular school hours and at other times.

From mandatory education meetings to parent conferences… from drama performances to oral book report presentations… from the annual Regatta to regular opportunities to volunteer, the ways for parents to be involved are nearly endless.


Conferences are scheduled twice a year to give parents the opportunity to discuss the development of their child. These conferences are conducted by one or more of the teachers and involve samples of the child’s work and discussion of the curriculum appropriate for your child.

Parents or teachers may also call for a conference as the need arises. Maria Cole is available during open office hours each week. These hours are determined and announced after the first six weeks of school.


Observation is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of the Montessori Method and all parents are encouraged to observe periodically.

  • Parents who come to the school to observe children at work are given guidelines for observation, and are asked to be seated during the observation.
  • The purpose of observation is to view the environment and the children’s interaction with the materials, other children and the teachers.
  • Observation times must be scheduled with the school office. Observations are scheduled six weeks after the beginning of school This allows for a period of adjustment for new children.


Parents may also come to the school to visit their children. A visit differs from observation in that the parents interact with their child by joining the child in a lesson, having lunch or having their child show them the environment. The purpose is not a detached observation of the environment and the Montessori method, but rather the parent’s sharing of their child’s particular work and interests. Guidelines for visits are given on arrival. Before planning a visit, please schedule an observation.

Parent Education

Maria Montessori School hosts several parent education meetings during each school year. These meetings are designed to help parents understand the concepts and philosophy of the Montessori Method.

When parents don’t fully understand the method, communication between teachers or staff and parents—and between children and parents—can be hampered. Consequently, attendance is required.

Refer to your academic calendar and watch midweek memos that come home with children for specific times and dates. Meetings last approximately one hour each. Each family receives 5 volunteer credit hours per meeting attended.


The Maria Montessori School is a small, non-profit school with a strong emphasis on community. A collaborative effort that involves parents and staff is imperative to the success of the school and its efforts to maintain an affordable tuition.

  • Active participation is an ideal way to get to know other families, assist in your child’s development and promote the school. By helping to supply, clean, repair, and/or paint materials, you will experience your child’s school environment first hand.
  • Each family is responsible for 40 hours of volunteer work each year, or the equivalent payment of $500 due at the time of acceptance or re-enrollment.
  • Opportunities for work are published well in advance so that parents can accommodate their volunteer hours as conveniently as possible. Volunteer hours may be fulfilled by any member of the family, or by friends who wish to help on your behalf.
  • Parents keep track of hours in the volunteer binder located in the office.