History of Maria Montessori School


Founded by Maria Cole with six children, Maria Montessori School met in one classroom at St. Michael’s School on Summer Avenue, gradually increasing its enrollment.


Enrollment increased to 35 and, by 1992, the school was serving 60 children.


The school’s current home on Harbor Town was opened, adding an additional Primary environment and housing the Elementary environment.


The two campuses were combined at the Harbor Town location.


A development fund allowed the school to complete construction of the second floor of the Harbor Town campus to accommodate growing needs in the Elementary environment. Today, the fund provides for the continued staff training and overall improvements.


The completion of our Middle School environment allowed us to create one of the few middle school Montessori curriculums in the Mid-South.


The River Garden and Amphitheater, located on the east bank of the school overlooking the Harbor Town marina, was completed.


The Toddler Community, accommodating children from ages 18 months to 2 ½ years, was established in the fall.