MMS art projects are designed to tap the creativity within each child. Emphasis is placed on art processes rather than the end results

Students are encouraged to explore and become comfortable with a variety of media including painting, drawing, collage, pottery, sculpture and photography. Once they are confident with the materials, they are better able to draw on their personal observations, adventures and dreams in their creative work so they can be realized in a concrete way.

In addition to individual art projects, students are given several opportunities throughout the year to collaborate on community art projects, often working in groups and pairs. These projects are fun and rewarding for the children and encourage respect for their own work, as well as the work of others.

We strive to present students with to a wide selection of real art materials that are beautiful to the eye and satisfying to touch. Besides the wide array of paints, collage papers and drawing materials available to the children, MMS also has a pottery studio with pottery wheels and a kiln as well as a black and white darkroom for photography projects.