One of the main pillars of the Montessori philosophy is a connection with the natural world.

MMS students have the opportunity daily to experience the outdoors with structure and purpose. They learn how to use their hands in everyday endeavors focused on the earth while outdoor guides strive to extend classroom lessons and student interests to the outdoors. Respect for the environment and for each other is enhanced by group activities that require care for tools and materials, cooperation with peers and completion of tasks.


Elements of the outdoor classroom

  • School landscaping and gardening – All children have the opportunity to work in their own garden and participate in beautification projects and grounds maintenance.
  • Nature walks – Children may participate in discovering the local environment surrounding the school, group observation of our slope, pond, wetlands and the Mississippi River environment.
  • Community beautification – MMS students periodically go off-site to assist in creating gardens for neighborhood schools, children’s hospitals and neighborhood organizations.
  • Environmental awareness and sensitivity – Children are made aware of larger environmental concerns and stewardship practices.
  • River garden and theater – Children are able to experience the nature outdoor extension of their work for all cultural areas of the classroom.
  • Kayaking – Besides health and recreational benefits, children develop a sense of competence and become empowered through their increased knowledge of safe boating skills.

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