Maria Schuermann-Cole 

Founder and Headmistress, Primary Directress

Founder of MMS, Maria Schuermann-Cole serves as headmistress and primary directress of the school. Maria is certified through the Montessori Institute of Atlanta, AMI to teach ages 3-6 and the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for ages 6-9. Maria is a 1999 graduate of Educateurs sans Frontières.

Arneishea Owens


Toddler Environment

Lee Montgomery

Childhood Guide

Lee is MMS’ childhood guide. She’s worked at MMS for 29 years and spent 12 of those years in the toddler environment.

Eliana Mabe

Toddler Assistant

Eliana is one of MMS’ toddler assistants.

Rae Hughes

Toddler Assistant

Rae is one of MMS’ toddler assistants.

Primary Environment

Marilyn Jenkins

Primary Guide

Marilyn is MMS’ primary teacher. 

Anna Kranz 

Primary Assistant

Anna Kranz serves as a primary assistant for ages 3-6. Anna received a bachelor’s degree in human development from Christian Brothers University and a diploma in AMI Assistant Training in Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s worked at MMS for 22 years


Elementary Environment

Emily Farris

Elementary Guide

Emily serves as an elementary guide and is also an alum of MMS. Emily received her AMI Elementary certification from the Montessori Center of Minnesota in 2021 and obtained a master’s degree in Montessori education from St. Catherine University in 2022.

Sara Barton

Elementary Assistant

Sara is MMS’ elementary assistant.


Middle School Environment

Nellie Congdon

Middle School Guide

Nellie serves as lead middle school teacher. Nellie studied fine arts at Cornell University and participated in Teach for America in Shelby County Schools before joining the MMS team.

Jessica Samuel

Middle School Language Arts, Librarian

Jessica received her bachelor’s degree from University of Kentucky in Lexington and master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University, in addition to several certifications. Jessica has 25 years of teaching experience.


Outdoor Environment

Mimi Trouy

Outdoor Guide

Mimi received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Memphis. She is also a nutrition, heath and fitness trainer.