At Maria Montessori School, we’re fortunate to have such wonderful, successful and active alumni. Each month, we are highlighting a different alumnus to spotlight their achievements. Meet Olivia Brooks!

Olivia joined the MMS family and graduated from our school in 2009. After completing high school, she went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. When asked about her current role as a teacher at another school, Olivia said, “I’m a pre-K teacher, which gives me the opportunity to help someone every day and (hopefully) make a lasting impact on the children that I teach.”

Olivia credits the way she teaches her students to the way she was educated at MMS. She said, “MMS allowed me to see that everyone learns in different ways, and their education should support that. It’s something that I keep in mind while teaching.”

MMS is thankful for amazing students and alumni who continue to show their support for our school long after they leave our classrooms. For more information about how to stay involved, email us at or give us a call at (901) 527-3444.