If your child attends our school, you know how special it is. Our yellow schoolhouse is filled with wonder and creativity. Our environments are made up of wonderful guides and unique tools for each child’s benefit. Each child is celebrated as an individual and is encouraged to explore their own distinctive interests. Aside from lessons learned in the environments, our school wide culture is something to be celebrated. Here are a few reasons why our families love being a part of MMS!

We meet children where they are.

Each child is unique and has their own pace of learning and development. At MMS, we pay close attention to our students and their interests. When we determine what the student is drawn to, we incorporate it in lessons and activities around the environment. Our school follows the Montessori Method, incorporating a three-hour work cycle designed for students to maximize their learning. This gives students uninterrupted time to focus on activities of interest to them and develop their focus.

We’ve built a tight-knit community.

Our school has many traditions and events that involve the whole family. Our River Series every fall and spring brings the community together to enjoy music at our beautiful amphitheater. In the environments, parents are invited to explore their children’s school experience at Silent Journey or Lesson Open Houses. It’s a joy to see families come together and volunteer their time and energy into making our school a welcoming place.

We prepare students for the future.

We know students typically attend traditional high school settings once they graduate from MMS. Our curriculum prepares students for this transition, and they do very well in their new schools. We want our students to succeed well beyond their years at MMS and are proud when we see alumni blossom. Beyond school, our students are prepared for adult life. Lessons on independence, self-discipline and communication all benefit children in the long run. These are philosophies we instill in our students starting in the toddler environment!

We would love to have you join our MMS community! If you’re interested in learning more about our school, give us a call at 901-527-3444 or email mms1986@bellsouth.net.