Montessori lessons are designed to set children up for success. It’s our goal for our students to look back on their time at MMS as adults and recognize the path the Montessori Method paved for their futures.

A 2022 study from the University of Virginia found adults with at least two years of Montessori education had significantly higher well-being rates as adults when compared to those without. But, even if you didn’t grow up in a Montessori school environment, there are lessons you can still take away from the Method as an adult!

Working with people of differing backgrounds

Unlike traditional schools, Montessori students learn in environments with students of varying ages. This teaches them how to act around peers younger and older than them. When these students grow up and enter the workforce, they are much more comfortable interacting with people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels – a valuable skill that is often overlooked. It may seem simple, but it makes a big impact as they learn how to collaborate and work as a team. Learning how to be a helpful and collaborative team member will set them up for success in their personal and professional lives.

Mastering independence and pursuing personal passions

Students in Montessori schools begin learning independence early on in their journey. Montessori principles encourage students to discover their interests and pursue their passions. Of course, guides help expand upon these lessons in environments, but independence is at the root of the Montessori philosophy.

In traditional schools, however, independence is learned when students begin college or enter the workforce. It can be a wake up call for many as they learn some hard lessons and work on their self-growth. Adults can learn a lot from the independent mindset of the Montessori Method!

Embracing creativity in problem solving

Montessori environments are filled with open-ended activities and hands-on materials that encourage creativity. From a young age, students begin to solve problems in unique ways through independent play and work with each other in collaborative efforts to find creative solutions. The benefit of embracing creativity at a young age is when you grow older, you feel more confident in taking on new challenges. Instead of looking at problems as obstacles, you instead view them as opportunities.

At MMS, we strive to prepare our students for life outside the classroom. If you’re interested in learning more about our school, give us a call at 901-527-3444 or email