A traditional public school classroom in the United States looks very different from a traditional classroom in Japan and a traditional classroom in Brazil. This is because culture, national standards and measurements of educational success dictate what is done in the classroom. This means that individuals across the globe are educated very differently.

Last month we shared how Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori Method as she studied the way that children naturally learn and develop. Once she founded the Casa dei Bambini, she traveled the world as a distinguished lecturer and women’s rights advocate. During her travels, two World Wars erupted, causing her to seek exile in various countries.

During her time in exile, Dr. Montessori trained educators around the world on the Montessori Method. Educators realized that the Montessori Method could be applied in any country and any culture and show similar results because it is based upon the natural development patterns of children, patterns that are constant no matter where a child lives. As educators saw the positive impact of the Montessori Method, it quickly caught on and has since spread to every continent other than Antarctica.

If you tour a Montessori classroom in Europe or Asia, you will see many of the same materials that you see at Maria Montessori School in Memphis. This is because the Montessori Method, including the materials and classroom arrangement, does not vary because of culture or location.

Not only are the materials and principles the same, students at Montessori Schools are taught about the importance of being a global citizen and understanding cultures different from their own. In today’s global economy, this is a huge benefit to students who are educated using the Montessori Method.

Dr. Montessori developed an educational method that has withstood the test of time and culture, has survived through world wars and global crises, because it is rooted in our biology! What an amazing educational discovery!

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