In all methods of education, the educator’s role is to provide students with instruction and discipline. It’s important for all students to have a supportive guide that wants the best for them and their education. However, in Montessori schools, it takes a special educator to guide and encourage students to become independent, free-thinking, curious individuals. Here are a few of the wonderful qualities Montessori guides possess (including at MMS!).


It’s no secret students admire their guides. When Montessori educators engage in positive behaviors, students quickly catch on and act in a similar way. Our educators practice kindness so they can cultivate a positive learning environment for their students. Studies show there is a link between educators’ attitudes and students’ behavior in the classroom, which is why it’s essential for our guides to cultivate a constructive, encouraging environment.


Large portions of Montessori education are independent thinking and exploration. Guides who allow students to learn on their own let them grow at their own pace and experience freedom within the bounds of a classroom setting. This encourages students to find their individual interests instead of reading from textbooks and prohibits teachers from lecturing the entirety of the school day. Guides make sure their environments are filled with materials that help students learn self-sufficiency in a creative way.


Guides are observant of their students and make sure they have materials that challenge them intellectually. When students have the ability to explore their environment independently, they need encouragement, motivation and support. Montessori educators have a special quality that helps students feel confident to learn on their own. With positive affirmations and a little pep talk, students feel comfortable learning solo.

We are so thankful for our guides and the terrific qualities they bring to our school. Our environments would not be complete without them. You can read more about our guides and staff here.

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